It Was A Dream After All! Time Will Tell (S01C02)

It Was A Dream After All

Chapter 02

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. It was a dream after all!

Did I have another Out of Body Experience (OBE)?

These OBE episodes occur so frequently and it makes me doubt the reality. I think all the science-fiction books I am reading has taken its toll on my health - mentally and physically!

The rest of the day went like any other normal day. Being an introvert, I do not share much of my personal life details with others. But there was someone, with whom I used to share my thoughts. We met at work and soon became friends since we had one common thing - Science Fiction!

We both were ardent lovers of science-fiction stories and books! And we often debated on how things would have gone if the stories had another parallel ending. On some days we used to talk until midnight continuing the topic where we left off in the day. It was fun!



I thought of sharing my absurd dream or whatever it was with her and hoped maybe her response might spark my otherwise dormant mind. I did not see her at work, so thought of messaging.


Me: Hi!

She: Hello there Crazy!

Me: Huh! Started again? 🙁  Anyways, I wanted to share something with you.

She: I hope it's not another one of your stupid OBE dreams.

Me: That's what exactly it is.. Last night I...

[ I shared everything in detail ]

She: Hmm, this one's new considering how boring your other dreams were. Let's talk about it tomorrow. Caught up in some urgent issues. Sorry!

Me: Okay thanks. Bye Stupid! 😛

She: Bye, you crazy!


Well, that was quick! It felt weird though, she does not usually run away like that. Maybe she had ample workload or maybe she's at home. I should have asked her if she was alright at least!


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