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I have been writing for the past 10+ years mostly focusing on Poems and Stories but I did not publish my writings on the Internet (shared copies over emails instead!) until my blog NitinNairWrites was live! As I have the resources to help others now, I have launched the Partnership Program for the benefit of fellow Bloggers / Writers. 🙂

NitinNairWrites Partnership Program - Join and Promote Your Blog!
NitinNairWrites Partnership Program – Join and Promote Your Blog!

I like to read what my fellow bloggers write. And I am very sure that this partnership program would only contribute and help other bloggers get more visibility easily through my blog – NitinNairWrites! 🙂


How Does This Partnership Work?

To be my partner, all you need to do is fill up the form below with correct and appropriate details. Fill out the “Important Information” section stating your needs and expectations. I will promote your Blog post and Links on the Front Page and other Posts/Pages of NitinNairWrites.

  • It would be AWESOME if you could provide me the Images!


What Will I Get With This Partnership?

More Visitors!!

If you are a passionate blogger and your articles Connect with the Readers, then your Blog/Website will see a Boost in stats. If you have Google AdSense enabled on your Blog, that’s another great news for you! I will accept only Articles/Links with good content and I am strictly against Spamming and illegal traffic, so don’t worry about any negative impact to your blog!

  • Promoted Content = More Visitors = Conversions!


Can I Extend The Partnership?

It will be my pleasure to promote your blog on my website. And if your website benefits from this Partnership, then I strongly recommend you to continue. This is really a good chance to expand your readership and reach out to more People!

  • I would be very Happy to Help You! Just spread the word!


How Much Do I Need To Pay?

I will feature Your Articles, Blog/Websites for FREE in the First Month of our Partnership. That said, to avoid any Potential Misuse of this Feature, I would require $3 in advance. If you still want to quit after one month, I will refund your amount ($3) back safely. And if you continue and extend this partnership, just pay the remaining $2 for the Second Month! 🙂

The charge would be $5 from the Third Month and continues forward.

This is just my fail-safe plan so that the Precious Time of my Readers and the value of my My Blog ‘NitinNairWrites‘ is not affected. If the content is not good and Genuine, no one would care to visit or read, am I right?



Yes you can. If you are unsure of this partnership and want to test it out, that’s perfectly fine! Please use the form below to get in touch!

  • A Test Run is always recommended before you finalize your decision!


What Else I Need To Know?

I am glad to see your interest in this partnership program. Below are few important notes for quick reference:

  • All the transactions would be done using PayPal
  • First Month FREE – Deposit $3 in advance as a fail-safe. Full refund if you Quit after first month. If you continue partnership, $2 for the Second Month and $5 for the months thereafter
  • NitinNairWrites currently receive approximately ~650-750 visits per month from Search Engines and Social Media
  • You can Quit anytime, but your Blog/Links will still be Featured if you paid for that specific month
  • Payment to be done at the start of every month. No penalties for delayed payment. The 30-day time period would calculate starting from the day of the payment
  • ONLY Four (4) participants per month! If your link is not picked up, it will be auto queued for the next month
  • Have questions? Use the form below to Be in Touch!

What are you waiting for? Let’s Collaborate!

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